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Baby Steps Series - (Part 1) - The First Steps to Planning a Baby Shower

So you have taken on the task of planning a baby shower for your best friend or loved one. Now what??? Where should you start and what should you do first? The key to planning a fabulous baby shower for a very deserving mother-to-be is to take things in "baby steps"! Don't leave everything until the last minute, but also don't try to do everything right away!

Baby Step #1 - The first and most important "baby step" is to meet with the mother-to-be. The baby shower is for her after all so it should reflect upon her likes and wishes for that special day! On your first meeting with the mother-to-be, you decide on "baby steps" 2-5 together:

Baby Step # 2 - Choose the date. Select the date that the mother-to be will most prefer, but also always have a second choice of a date. Having a second date choice will be helpful when selecting the venue. If you find a location that the mother-to be really likes, but they are already booked on your first choice date you still may be able to make it work if you have back up plan with a second date choice!

Baby Step #3 - Make a guest list. Always start with the guests that are most important to the mother-to-be and then work your way down. This will be important when selecting the venue and budget for the baby shower.

Baby Step #4 - Determine the budget and who is paying for what. Be sure from day one planning that it is clear as to who is paying for the shower. Will it be you, the planner? Will it be the mother-to-be, or a group of family members or friends? This will avoid any confusion, arguments or unpaid bills down the road. It is also helpful to know your budget when searching for your venue.

Baby Step #5 - Choose the location. Make sure that the venue you are choosing can accommodate the number of guests you are planning to invite. When contacting the venue be sure to ask if your selected date is available, and tell the venue manager what type of a budget you are working with!

These first five baby steps are the most important things you need to do to start the baby shower planning process. In the rest of the "Baby Steps Series" we will continue to go over all the details you need to have in place including choosing a theme, invitations, menu, games, decorating and more.....

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