Located in beautiful Vero Beach,FL, a prime wedding destination;

Royal Ballroom is a hidden gem of elegance and classic old European style charm.

Featuring three stunning vintage ballrooms, The Grand Ballroom (Reception Hall),

The Renaissance Ballroom and the Vienna Ballroom (Ceremony Room) that can be occupied as a trio (or the Grand or Renaissance Ballroom may be rented individually), the Royal Ballroom is a unique and one of a kind setting for your special event.

The Grand Reception Ballroom

The Grand Ballroom provides a warm atmosphere and the elegance and sophistication that you would expect from a classical style ballroom setting. This beautiful 2,300 sq. ft. reception hall features a giant gold crystal chandelier, vintage gold wall sconces, two story high ceilings, floor to ceiling windows, solid wood floors, custom granite and marble floors, cake table, lighting on separate dimmers, granite bar and vintage candy bar.

The Grand Ballroom is the most spacious of the three ballrooms and is perfect for wedding receptions, parties and celebrations.

The Renaissance Room

The very charming Renaissance Ballroom features walls adorned with columns and arches, solid wood floors, custom granite and marble floors, vintage ceiling medallion and lighting fixtures, fireplace, private entrance, and private lounge. This beautiful room is often used for baby showers, bridal showers, small parties, rehearsal dinners and more. When rented as part of one of our "wedding rentals" this ballroom is used as a foyer area and/or to hold the cocktail hour.

The Vienna Wedding Ceremony Chapel:

With the spacious length of this room, gorgeous white draped walls, solid wood floors with decorative wood floor medallions, and three beautiful crystal chandeliers, and it's central location in the venue; the Vienna Ballroom is most commonly used for wedding ceremonies. 

(The Vienna Ceremony Chapel Cannot be rented on its own.)