Convenience is Key When Planning Your Special Event

Convenience is absolute key when you are making plans for your special event. No matter what type of event, whether it be a wedding, birthday or holiday party, family reunion, etc you want the day of your event to the as easy and stress free as possible. Your once in a lifetime event is meant to be enjoyed! You should never have to feel as though you or your loved ones are staff at your own event. No work or worries during YOUR event!

At Royal Ballroom we try to make your event as convenient as possible by not only providing the venue but also many of the items that you will need during your event such as: centerpieces, tablecloths and napkins, chair covers and sashes, entrance draping, your plates, glasses and silverware! And not only do we provide those items, but we set them up and clean them up for you as well....AND our staff cleans up the venue too! Convenient, right? I mean you don't want your best friends or your bridal party picking up trash after your grand event? I don't think so!

Plus our coordinators insure that everything is placed exactly where and how you want it...that's why we provide you with all those planning and room design meetings prior to your event!

The more places your are renting out different items from, the more difficult it will be for you to get all those different vendors coordinated so that your vision will come to life, and so that you won't end up with misplaced items or even worse items that were delivered late...or not at all!

The key message is keep things easy! Obviously don't break bank, but sometimes investing that extra bit of money is worth it rather than pulling five all-nighter's trying to DIY EVERYTHIING, or stressing over which family members and friends will have to install and steam a hundred chairs covers and sashes just hours before they need to get themselves ready to attend the event!

Remember, no work, no worries on your once in a lifetime day! Just have fun and make memories with the people that you love!

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